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Green Plazas

“…the city should not be taking away our streets to give green plazas to private developments and calling them public parks.” -Jeremiah Moss, reporting on a plan to erase Astor Place from the map

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A Radical Proposal

Want to end the threat of terrorism against this country? Put George Bush on trial for war crimes. Continue reading

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Self Regulation

“Imagine the LAPD politely asking a gang of Crips and their lawyers to issue a report on whether or not a drive-by shooting by the Crips should be brought before a grand jury – that’s basically how the SEC now … Continue reading

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The Coming Collapse

“This situation — exploding wealth inequality combined with harsh austerity, little hope for improvement and a growing sense of irreversible national decline — cannot possibly be sustained for long without some serious social unrest.” -Glenn Greenwald on the importance the … Continue reading

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Killing Ourselves

The U.S. Army reported that 32 soldiers committed suicide during the month of July, the highest number since figures started being released in 2009. –Harper’s Weekly, linking to the Washington Post

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“Moral power cannot be bought in the market or forced with military might. It has to be earned.” -Lobsang Sangay, newly elected Prime Minister of the Tibetan government-in-exile

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Feast of the Assumption

“Though Perry and others urged attendees to fast, concession stands sold nachos and smoothies throughout the seven-hour event.” -Harper’s Weekly Review on Rick Perry’s prayer event in Texas

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“When you prop up (read: bail out) the institutions causing the crisis, instead of reinventing them, the crisis will deepen.” -Umair Haque, on why this is not a market correction

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August 2, 2011

US military occupation forces in Iraq and Afganistan and attacking forces in Libya under Commander-in-Chief Obama suffered 139 combat casualties in the week ending August 2, as the official casualty total rose to 107,328. The total includes 78,705 casualties since … Continue reading

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More for War

“It is telling indeed how virtually all political good news — all national celebrations — now involve America’s ability to kill the latest Bad Guy.” -Glenn Greenwald on war cheerleading, and the sacred defense budget

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