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On my return

As the 2012 presidential election geared up, it seems, I lost the stamina to keep a regular political writing habit. With the election of Trump, battle lines have been drawn, and no one can remain silent and not be complicit. I will return to my regular political writing, and do all I can to organize for a better future for all of us. Continue reading

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She Just Won’t Quit

Two weeks ago, I predicted on Sascha’s blog that Hillary Clinton would do the right thing and quit after the races that are taking place tomorrow. Now I’m not so sure. At first I thought Clinton’s continuing swagger was just … Continue reading

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PA Reality

Today, finally, the voters of Penn’s Woods go to the polls. But methinks tomorrow we will be no closer to having a Democratic presidential nominee. The recent debate was a travesty. Once again, I had no idea it was coming … Continue reading

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The Madness Continues

So Hillary has taken her last stand at the Texas Alamo and survived. Now we are left in the midst of this battle and media orgy that covers it incessantly. I confess I am a political junkie. I love turning … Continue reading

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Who’s Ready to Lead

Frank Rich wrote a great piece on Sunday called “The Audacity of Hopelessness.” In it, he debunks Clinton’s claim to experience by showing her campaign’s failure to organize as well as Obama’s. He starts with a description of how Clinton … Continue reading

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