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Over There

“Most Chinese aren’t angry about rising inequality. It’s not rich versus poor. It’s the system of power and procedural injustices that they’re upset about.” -Harvard sociologist Martin K. Whyte, who may as well have been talking about Americans, as quoted … Continue reading

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Chinese Jingos vs. American Jingos

“America: Love it or leave it.” “China: Love it or we’ll kill you.” That pretty much sums up the difference between the jingoists in my country and the jingoists in my wife’s. Both our countrymen have a tendency to overreact … Continue reading

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The Problem with the Free Tibet Movement

The main problem is that it’s never going to happen. When your supreme leader admits that full independence is not a realistic goal, that’s a pretty good indication that you should settle. The true aim of the Tibetans should be … Continue reading

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Young Tibetans Don’t All Agree on the “Middle Way”

What was the initial spark that launched the rioting in Tibet? Yes, there were protests in the streets to remember the last time the people there really fought to be free, nearly 50 years ago. But what really initiated the … Continue reading

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