Young Tibetans Don’t All Agree on the “Middle Way”

What was the initial spark that launched the rioting in Tibet? Yes, there were protests in the streets to remember the last time the people there really fought to be free, nearly 50 years ago. But what really initiated the action, whether it was a hotheaded protester getting a little to frisky near the police,… Continue reading Young Tibetans Don’t All Agree on the “Middle Way”

Who’s Ready to Lead

Frank Rich wrote a great piece on Sunday called “The Audacity of Hopelessness.” In it, he debunks Clinton’s claim to experience by showing her campaign’s failure to organize as well as Obama’s. He starts with a description of how Clinton thought she was the inevitable candidate. It seems commonplace now, but he quotes her as… Continue reading Who’s Ready to Lead

President Obama

By now it looks like the world will be saying hello to President Barack Obama in January 2009. After his latest string of victories, one would think his momentum is unstoppable. Barring huge losses in Texas and Ohio March 4, he is assured the nomination. The NYT Caucus blog posts on Hillary’s interesting comments at… Continue reading President Obama