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No Work

What we’re leaving behind today, at record pace, is what­ever belief we might once have had in the value of unstructured time: in the privilege of contemplating our lives before they are gone, in the importance of uninterrupted conversation, in … Continue reading

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Violence was down, actually

“Pay attention: Occupy was so powerful a force for nonviolence that it was already solving Oakland’s chronic crime and violence problems just by giving people hope and meals and solidarity and conversation.” –Rebecca Solnit clarifies – violent crime in Oakland … Continue reading

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“The more we shed ourselves of national identity in this fight, the more we grasp that our true allies may not speak our language or embrace our religious and cultural traditions, the more powerful we will become.” —Chris Hedges on … Continue reading

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Life After Death

Egalitarians must work to take over the Democratic party as the Tea Party has recently taken over the Republicans. Action in the streets will lead the way, but we must have electoral strength to make our leaders follow through with the changes we demand. Continue reading

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A New Conversation

This is a conversation we haven’t been having for the past 30 years… [W]hite working-class voters are supposed to be riled up against Democrats for policies such as affirmative action and gun control. They’re not supposed to get angry with … Continue reading

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Fear in their hearts

What is missing from America is a healthy fear in the hearts and minds of the most powerful political and financial factions of the consequences of their continued pilfering, corporatism, and corrupt crony capitalism, and only this sort of movement … Continue reading

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You cannot arrest an idea. -OCCUPY

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