To the Heart of the Beast

“It was the workers in these industries who taught me that there was a systematic conflict between profits and health.… When you start thinking that, when you start to interfere with the forces of production, you’re going to the heart of the beast.” –Tony Mazzocchi, leader of the Oil, Chemical and Atomic Workers International (OCAW), who… Continue reading To the Heart of the Beast

Life After Death

Egalitarians must work to take over the Democratic party as the Tea Party has recently taken over the Republicans. Action in the streets will lead the way, but we must have electoral strength to make our leaders follow through with the changes we demand.

“This caucus, let’s face it, marks the beginning of a long, rigidly-controlled, carefully choreographed process that is really designed to do two things: weed out dangerous minority opinions, and award power to the candidate who least offends the public while he goes about his primary job of energetically representing establishment interests.”

-Matt Taibbi calls it what it is in Iowa

“I don’t see anyone in the Republican majority demanding drug testing for folks who receive oil and gas subsidies.”

-Rep Clyburn, commenting on the House bill that would allow states to require drug-testing for anyone seeking unemployment benefits.

This is a conversation we haven’t been having for the past 30 years… [W]hite working-class voters are supposed to be riled up against Democrats for policies such as affirmative action and gun control. They’re not supposed to get angry with Republicans for voting to bail out the banks and then flatly ruling out the idea of relief for underwater borrowers.

-Eugene Robinson, “Still Occupied

“It sounds like [Obama] has a natural affinity for union workers and ordinary people when he makes these speeches. But his policies are crafted by representatives of corporate/financial America, who happen to entirely make up his inner circle.

“I just don’t believe this guy anymore, and it’s become almost painful to listen to him.”

Matt Taibbi

“… a joint appearance designed to revolve around slogans, soundbites and spin, and which demonstrates the sheer contempt in which American political parties and their media collaborators hold the public.”

-Dan Gillmor wants to redefine electoral debates