I am so sick of hearing how, “Oh, this Obama is a socialist. He’s a Marxist.” No he is not. The merger of state and corporate powers is called fascism.

-Gerald Celente talking about how MF Global robbed him.

“The public, regardless of party, overwhelmingly opposes cuts to Social Security and Medicare. But elected officials of both parties are hell-bent on conspiring to bring the programs to an end. They seem to have come to grips with a fact that the public has not: their tenure in office depends on carrying out the wishes of oligarchical elites.”
-Jane Hamsher, on the death of the Democratic party, and democracy itself

Completely Wrong

“A black mascot of Wall Street oligarchs and a black puppet of corporate plutocrats. And now he has become head of the American killing machine and is proud of it.” -Professor Cornell West, who did 65 campaign events for Obama, on the president’s betrayal. “I was completely wrong,” Dr. West added.

The Failures of Barack Obama

We had such high hopes. The presidency of Barack Obama started off with a bang, as he repudiated the most reprehensible policies of the previous administration through a series of executive signing orders. But since then it’s been all downhill. In fact, we should have seen it coming. When Obama declared, just before taking office,… Continue reading The Failures of Barack Obama

A Rich Embarrassment

In the final days of negotiation on the healthcare bill, President Obama twice postponed diplomatic trips to Indonesia and Australia, in order to close a deal that had engulfed the first 15 months of his presidency. The achievement noticeably improved Obama’s standing on the international stage, giving him much-needed credibility with foreign governments, but to… Continue reading A Rich Embarrassment

Vote Obama, But Don’t Stop There

Sarah Palin has been traveling around what she calls the Real America – the “pro-America” parts of the country, where they “grow good people” who “fight our wars.” These are the Real Americans, Sarah tells us. Real Americans know that Barry Hussein Obama is a Muslim, and therefore by definition a terrorist – and not… Continue reading Vote Obama, But Don’t Stop There

The Backslide Begins

Barack Obama is already letting us down. No sooner than I could get it out into words, he’s already settling into the disturbing patterns that ruined the McGovern campaign. Bad decisions – or worse, indecisiveness – followed by poor message control, are making it easy for Obama’s adversaries to say, “Look! Here he is! Exposed as… Continue reading The Backslide Begins

Fear and Loathing in ’08

Reading Hunter S. Thompson’s fine book on the 1972 presidential campaign today will trigger a case of reverse déjà vu: there is no lack of Fear and Loathing in the 2008 Presidential Election. Like Obama today, George McGovern offered the Democratic Party, and the American people, a fundamental change of direction. Both candidates claimed the… Continue reading Fear and Loathing in ’08