“Our job, as consumers, is to continue to keep the pressure on until Apple decides that the risks inherent in the status quo – the risks to its brand, its staff morale, and its loyal customer base – are higher than the costs of taking real action to improve workers’ lives.”

–SumOfUs in its latest email. Sign the petition.


We must recognize that no one beholden to Big Money can lead America towards being a truly democratic republic.

Green Shoots

“This is no recession. We are already on our way to a Depression (a GDP contraction of 10%) possibly even another Great Depression. One in nine Americans are currently receiving food stamps. Real unemployment (without birth/death seasonal nonsense and all the other Federal gimmicks) stands at 20%. “So I don’t buy the ‘green shoots’ theory… Continue reading Green Shoots

Our Current Paradigm

The brilliant inventor Thomas Edison transfixed the world with his miraculous inventions which captured sound and created light. His noble efforts, and those of his “muckers” at his laboratory in New Jersey, grew eventually into the Titan of American Business, General Electric, creator of ovens, toasters, and medical image scanners, provider of many thousands of… Continue reading Our Current Paradigm

The Failures of Barack Obama

We had such high hopes. The presidency of Barack Obama started off with a bang, as he repudiated the most reprehensible policies of the previous administration through a series of executive signing orders. But since then it’s been all downhill. In fact, we should have seen it coming. When Obama declared, just before taking office,… Continue reading The Failures of Barack Obama